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Discover Edinburgh’s rich history while being expertly guided through streets by tour guide and local historian Fraser Paterson.

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Please look at the areas of Edinburgh I have specialist knowledge in. Simply tell me what you wish and the length of time you require your tour to be. I will provide you with a custom tour. This can include a mix of everything if you like.

Edinburgh is a city with origins that date back as far as 900BC. Exploring the Old Town, navigating our cobbled streets you can enjoy our stunning variety of architecture. I can excite your imagination with true stories from the social history of the Old Town.

The lower section of the Royal Mile, known as Canongate lies closest to our the royal palace of Edinburgh, Holyrood House. The Canongate is also home to the Scottish Parliament buildings, one of which dates back to before the 1700’s. Canongate is home to one of five of our historic graveyards, Canongate kirkyard. Lying at rest here is the Father of Economics, Adam Smith. Also, the secret lover of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Edinburgh Castle contains many hidden gems. Not least the oldest crown jewels in Europe. Plus, an item upon which ancient Scottish monarchs were crowned, The Stone of Destiny.

Greyfriars kirkyard is one of the world’s most famous graveyards. Burials took place here for almost 350 years. Elaborate tombstones clearly demonstrate where the wealthiest citizens of Old Edinburgh lie. The poorest members of society and the criminals of Edinburgh can be found beside each other.

Despite its name, The New Town is older than Australia! It was erected for the wealthiest members of Edinburgh society. In The New Town, we discover homes of many of the greatest men in history. This includes the inventor of an item you may well have in your pocket presently. Another who felt it might be a good idea to sterilise surgical instruments before each operation.

All tours are available in English. Book your private tour from £60 per hour For up to 8 people including children. Discover your Edinburgh!

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