Edinburgh tours and history articles of various aspects on Edinburgh & Scotland


Hello! My name is Fraser Paterson. I work on a freelance basis as an experienced tour guide and writer. I specialise in golf and Scottish history.  This site is focused on guided tours and various Scottish history articles.

Come on a walking tour with me. I offer not just the experiences featured on this website, but also bespoke tours. We usually start at the steps of the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street in Edinburgh. Tours are by pre-booking and payment only.

A one hour Greyfriars tour, with no break is only £8.50 per person. A two hour tour of the Old Town, including a fifteen minute break is £17.50 per person. Enjoy a fascinating ninety minute walk with me through the Canongate for only £15.  

Bespoke tours are also available. Please call me on +44 7950 003 885 or e mail me: frasergolf93@gmail.com

SPECIAL OFFER – LIMITED TIME ONLY: Up to 3 children aged 10 or under per booking go free!

I am currently finalising a horror tour. Entering our historic graveyards after dark can be a risky business. I regularly read antique books on Edinburgh. It is clear from such material that mythical ghosts and entry to such graveyards at night are not required to provide a riveting journey past places with true stories of barbaric times from the past. More on this tour will be posted here shortly.

Scottish History

Scottish history articles I have had published include Swanston Village and  South Leith Parish church for Edinburgh Life magazine, plus many others including a Scottish Borders feature piece for The Scots Magazine. I also write pieces on Scottish charities.

I wrote an extensive genealogy article for the Scottish Genealogy Society on the Grahams of Airth, a landed Scottish family with close connections to the Jacobites and the East India Company.

I also specialise in golf writing. You can visit that website click here

For Lothian Life I have written on many charities, including CCLASP, a charity which supports sufferers and families of children with cancer and leukaemia all over Scotland. For these and many more of my published articles click here

There some business I can thoroughly recommend in Edinburgh. For details on them click here 

Feel free to call me on +44 7950 003 885, or e mail me; frasergolf93@gmail.com for bookings and enquiries.

Fraser Paterson 

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