Questions about our tours.

What does Edinburgh Tours and History provide me which is different?

A tour tailored to the time you wish to allocate to your experience.

A route tailored also to your requirements.

No sales pitches or forced breaks.

A highly knowledgeable, professional tour guide with several years ofexperience, who is also a keen Edinburgh historian.

What do Edinburgh Tours and history charge?

From £25 per hour. For example, a one-hour tour for two adults and  up to two children 15 years old or younger is payable at a total cost of £25. Each additional person thereafter is chargeable at £25 per hour per additional adult and £15 per hour for each additional child aged 15 years or younger.

When to do a free tour.

If you are just looking for some light-hearted banter, don’t mind some sales pitches and are content with a predetermined route, along with more than 30 other people.

This would ideally suit your group if visiting as part of a stag or hen party.

Tours start @ £25 per hour pro rata for a group size of up to four persons.

Please contact us here to enquire about making a booking.

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