Hidden Old Town

There are educational and historical benefits of this fascinating tour of the Old Town. This will benefit your young ones on this family friendly experience.

On your Old Town walking tour you will hear and see amazing things. A castle on top of an extinct volcano. What we did to witches.

We will also explore Many of our well-hidden closes and wynds. On our adventure you will see a house once occupied by the wealthiest man in Edinburgh.

You will learn of the man who challenged Mary Queen of Scots and won, but not in the way you might expect. The great fire that destroyed every building on one section of the Royal Mile. Also, the story of a traitor who tried to crash the Scottish economy, but failed.

The many true social stories you hear are mainly found in antique books. They tell it best!

Hidden Old Town Plus 90 Minute Tour

As well as enjoying what you would expect in a one hour experience, you can also enjoy either of;

Hidden Greyfriars

Greyfriars is one of the most famous kirkyards in the world, dating back over 400 years!

Hear of its very beginning. When exploring the kirkyard you will meet George MacKenzie. Known for his brutality and the world fame he obtained in death as a result. You will quickly realise why you might not want to upset him!

You will learn the full story of Greyfriars Bobby and visit the mausoleum of one of the finest architectural dynasties in the history of Scotland. A fantastic advert for the family business you’ll discover! Both are near where we enter the kirkyard.

I’ll also show where the man once known as “Honest William” by our king from the late 1600’s, lies at rest and tell you his story. Is he the reason Britain has a monarchy today?

From medieval lifestyles to heart-warming stories and accounts of extreme cruelty, Greyfriars has it all. Choose this add on to your Hidden Old Town plus experience. Together we shall unveil its secrets.


Part of the Royal District of Canongate.

A chance to explore part of the Old Town many people don’t take the opportunity to.

The story of Canongate begins in the 12th century and continues for many more. What part did monks play in the history of the area? This was also home ground for the Scottish monarchy and their courtiers. I will make your imagination sparkle with tails of fascinating royal intrigue.

You will witness tremendous variance in the fascinating styles of architecture Canongate displays. Many buildings date back several centuries.

We will also explore a beautiful, secret garden!

The Scottish Parliament and the Royal Palace of Holyrood House also lie in Canongate.

We will visit Canongate kirkyard (a Scots word for a graveyard), one of several UNESCO historic graveyards Edinburgh is blessed to have. Here we will discover the final resting place of perhaps the world’s most famous economists. Also, the surprisingly discreet burial stone for the secret lover of a queen!

We will walk through the unsuspecting entrance to an amazing side street. This was where the stagecoach would leave for London.

If you are a fan of monarchy or perhaps that world famous economist, this Royal Canongate add on is for you.

Especially for the younger generation on your small private tour, I have an interactive activity sheet to entertain the full duration of your tour. Your younger group members can even win a special prize!

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