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Murders on the Royal Mile Part One

LORD PRESIDENT SIR GEORGE LOCKHART Knighted by King Charles II of Great Britain in 1663. Sir George Lockhart’s legal skills were one of the finest in the country. He was a charming man, whose oratory skill rarely failed to draw admiration in all. In 1672...

George Meikle Kemp – Genius Never Dies

In his early life George assisted his father tending sheep. He also constructed mill-wheels. Subsequently he became an apprentice carpenter in the Scottish Borders. On a journey to Galashiels Walter Scott gave him a lift in his carriage....

South Bridge Vaults Edinburgh

The Cowgate barrier to the south of the Old Town ridge in Edinburgh prevented development of the southern suburbs. In 1785 the South Bridge Act authorised the construction of a bridge to address this. The contract to build it was awarded to...

Deacon Brodie – Edinburgh Criminal Extraordinaire!

One of the most remarkable criminals ever confined in the Old Tolbooth of Edinburgh was Deacon William Brodie. His position of Deacon meant he was officially the most respected joiner in Edinburgh. He was also a town Councillor. [gallery...

Old Tolbooth Prison Edinburgh – Methods of Escape!

The Old Tolbooth Prison in Edinburgh occupied a site in West Parliament Square outside St Giles on the Royal Mile. Until it was demolished in the early 19th century. The Tolbooth prison served two purposes. Primarily as 'Death Row' for those...

The Great Disruption – Rev Thomas Guthrie DD

This article is about the fervent belief which guided the Rev Thomas Guthrie, once of Old Greyfriars in Edinburgh, to his decision to resign his position with the Church of Scotland, and join the newly formed Free Church of Scotland. This occurred during the Great Disruption of 1843.

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