Whilst the Canongate section of the Royal Mile may not be where we find Edinburgh Castle on your small private tour. You will find the Royal Palace of Holyrood House where the Queen resides on a number of occasions each year.

Take your small private tour group on a fascinating journey through Canongate with us.

This was home ground of the Scottish monarchy and their courtiers. The story of Canongate begins in the 12th century and continues for many more.

We will show you buildings dating right from the beginning. What part did monks play in the history of the area? I will make your imagination sparkle with tails of fascinating royal intrigue.

We will also explore a beautiful, secret garden!

Also found on your small private tour of Canongate is the Scottish Parliament. A very unique piece of architecture! This is the new seat of democratic power in Scotland.

We will visit Canongate graveyard This is one of several historic graveyards Edinburgh is blessed to have. Canongate graveyard – we often call such sites kirkyards in Scotland – is the final resting place of one literary great, the secret lover of another, and a literary inspiration for a one of the most famous novelists in the world!

We will walk through the unsuspecting entrance to a side street. This was where the stagecoach would leave for London.

Nearby is a property with one of the most eye opening stories in the whole of Edinburgh. The true story of the horrible death of the wife of a Duke and an act of unimaginable barbarism from a future member of the same family.

In hours of darkness, you can become very afraid – in perfect safety of course! – with a Ghosts and Horrors tour I use either Greyfriars or Canongate graveyards at different times of the year.

 I am sure you will also enjoy a small private Great Inventors tour which takes us through The New Town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We also offer small private tours of Edinburgh Castle

Especially for the younger generation on your small private tour, I have an interactive activity sheet to entertain the full duration of your tour. Your younger group members can even win a special prize!

 I have a large number of five-star reviews. Please enquire for further information.

 All enquiries welcome. Please call me on +44 7950 003 885 or email me; fraser@edinburghtoursandhistory.com

Canongate Tour
Canongate Tour
Canongate Tour

For further information on this tour please contact us using the links below.

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Freya Spargo
Freya Spargo
4 years ago

I’d love to come to one of your Canongate tours! Where can I buy a ticket? What times are you available? Do you do group tours, as I am just on my own.

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