Explore our spectacular, Georgian New Town. Our focus will be on the great inventors, writers and pioneers who lived there. Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Lister, James Young Simpson, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and James Clerk Maxwell.

You will even see where Nicola Sturgeon, the present First Minister of Scotland lives, as well as meeting a King!

Between all these people, they gave us the telephone, are the reason hospitals give us fresh bandages and sterilise their equipment. Also, why we have mouthwash, ladies can safely give birth. One of them also explains how our main railway station gets its name and has the tallest monument in the world to a writing great. Another wrote Treasure Island and Jekyll and Hyde.

You will also enjoy the majesty of New Town architecture on display. This small private tour may not cover Edinburgh Castle, but has an equally fascinating story to the Old Town to tell.

Indeed, I am sure you will also enjoy a small private tour of The Old Town or Edinburgh Castle

I could continue, but you will experience it all on your own small private Great Inventors tour.

Especially for the younger generation on your small private tour, I have an interactive activity sheet to entertain the full duration of your tour. Your younger group members can even win a special prize! 

I have a large number of five-star reviews in respect of freelance tours I have taken. Please enquire for further information.

 All enquiries welcome. Please call me on +44 7950 003 885 or email fraser@edinburghtoursandhistory.com

For further information on this tour please contact us using the links below.

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