There are educational and historical benefits of this fascinating tour of the Old Town. This will benefit your young ones on this family friendly experience.

On your Old Town walking tour you will hear and see amazing things. A castle on top of an extinct volcano. What we did to witches.

We will also explore Many of our well-hidden closes and wynds. On our adventure you will see a house once occupied by the wealthiest man in Edinburgh.

You will learn of the man who challenged Mary Queen of Scots and won, but not in the way you might expect. The great fire that destroyed every building on one section of the Royal Mile. Also, the story of a traitor who tried to crash the Scottish economy, but failed.

The many true social stories you hear are mainly found in antique books. They tell it best!

 I am sure you will also enjoy a small private Great Inventors tour which takes us through The New Town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We also offer small private tours of Edinburgh Castle & the Canongate

Especially for the younger generation on your small private tour, I have an interactive activity sheet to entertain the full duration of your tour. Your younger group members can even win a special prize!

 I have a large number of five-star reviews. Please enquire for further information.

 All enquiries welcome. Please call me on +44 7950 003 885 or email me;

Old Town Tour
Old Town Tour
Old Town Tour

For further information on this tour please contact us using the links below.

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Mike D.
Mike D.
5 years ago

Fraser gave an incredible tour of Old Town Edinburgh – the highlight of our visit. He tailored the tour to our special situation and gave us valuable insight to the history of Edinburgh. He really made it come alive.

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