Hear of the very beginnings of Greyfriars. Meet George who died in the early 1600’s. Why do we still talk about him today? Learn the full story of Greyfriars Bobby and visit the mausoleum of one of the finest architectural dynasties in the history of Scotland. A fantastic advert for the family business you’ll discover!

I’ll also show you where the man who greeted William of Orange on the beach at Torbay lies at rest and tell you his story.  You’ll also see where hundreds of people were forced to end their lives in cruelty. Even a story of the barbaric trade in slaves Scotland took part in.

From medieval lifestyles to heart-warming stories and accounts of extreme cruelty, Greyfriars has it all. Come with me and together we shall unveil its’ secrets.

I have a large number of five star reviews in respect of freelance tours I have taken for other companies. Please enquire for further information.

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  1. Margaret

    Fraser’s tour of Greyfriars was really interesting. I would recommend him.

  2. Gordon Drummond

    Your tour of Greyfriars was very good. You gave a gripping account of Coventanting history, which for me bore striking parallels to modern history such as the troubles in Northern Ireland and unrest throughout the Middle East: barbarities in the name of religion and power! Those who forget the past…
    You also illuminated the past of Edinburgh in other ways, in architecture, commerce, and education. A very well balanced tour, thank you again.


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