Jacobite Research

Meet your Jacobite ancestor.

Do you know the name of your Jacobite ancestor? If you do and wish to uncover detail of their Jacobite activity I can help.

Living in Edinburgh we are blessed with world-class, large resources on Jacobite activities from across Scotland. These can be found in Edinburgh Central Library, the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish Genealogy Society. 

I have substantial professional experience of conducting such research.


To begin with, I will require a £195 deposit, £95 of which will be refunded if I discover nothing in checking the indexes of all available resources. If I do and you wish me to uncover information from those references,all of your deposit will be retained, with £95 of that money acting as a credit against a rate of £20 an hour for the first five hours of research.

At that point I will provide you with a fully referenced report on my findings. Payment will be due for the balance owed within seven days of this report being sent.

You then decide if you wish me to progress with further research.


How To Pay

After we have discussed your requirements we will send you a quote for the deposit by email, once accepted you will be sent an invoice that you can pay online by following the instructions. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS

In the first instance use the contact form below to start your request.

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